Best 6 Max Poker Sites for Tournaments, Cash Games & SNG

    Texas Hold’em has rapidly become the most popular variety of online poker. However, players bored with the slow pace of play found on some sites will want to try their hand at 6 Max Hold’em. 6 Max Hold’em is just like regular Texas Hold’em, with a maximum of six players per table. With fewer players, you’ll see more flops, win pots more frequently, and play more hands per hour. This keeps the game more interesting, and encourages tighter, more competitive play. Here are some top online poker sites featuring frequent 6 Max Hold’em tournaments online.

Best 6 Max Poker Rooms

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  • Party Poker (not currently open USA)

Party Poker is a phenomenally popular online poke site with plenty of 6 Max Hold’em. Stakes limits range from fifty cents to one hundred dollars. Although competition is generally soft, tighter play and more experienced players can be found above the ten dollar tables, and only experts should venture into the one hundred dollar rooms. Like Titan Poker, betting action is limited to one bet and three raises per round.

For online poker players prone to internet disconnects, Party Poker offers a unique Disconnect Protection policy. You are allowed to disconnect twice per day; your hand will still be played and receive your share of the pot if you win. The buddy list feature allows you to add your friends or your fish for easy finding in the future.

All of these sites offer exciting 6 Max Poker play for card players looking to revitalize their poker fun.

  • InterPoker

InterPoker is a popular poker site featuring plenty of 6 Max Hold’em tables. A wide selection of limits are offered, ranging from only one to dollar to thousands of dollars. Different currencies are played at different tables, but the currency will automatically be changed to what you’re familiar with when you join a table. When more players sign online, InterPoker opens more tables, meaning you’ll never have to wait for an open seat.

The site also features casino games, which is usually a sign that poker rooms will feature soft play. InterPoker is no different. Competition is quite soft, especially in the lower limit games. The lobby feature is well-organized, and includes pertinent information about each table including game speed, limit, stakes, average pot table, and number of hands played per hour, a factor important to 6 Max Hold’em players.

  • Titan Poker (not currently open USA)

Titan Poker is a massive international online poker site featuring some great 6 Max Hold’em play. Stake limits at Titan Poker’s 6 Max tables range from five cents to thirty dollars, with the most popular tables having stakes between one and ten dollars. Because of this, the site ideal for beginners who don’t want to risk a lot of money. The betting action for 6 Max Hold’em games is limited to one bet and three subsequent raises. Competition at the site is below average.

The site features a lobby showing table names, stakes, average pots size, average hands per hour, and more. Titan Poker is safe and secure. Unfortunately, like InterPoker, they are not accepting US players at this time.

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