Instantpoker.org has the objective to showcase all of the recent no-download poker sites, on top of delivering valuable information to the prospective poker player.

  • About the domain name: instantpoker.org

Instantpoker.org was first live online in 1996, and consisted of roughly 11 pages. You can see the state of the site using the WayBack Machine . Since then, the site went down, was parked briefly in 1998, and switched hands just recently. Now that we have recuperated the site, we are planning to do what the domain name entails, and that is to deliver quality information and quick access to online poker sites.

  • About the Team Behind instantpoker.org

  • Hi. My name is Sebastian. I’m the Website Project Manager. Promoting and managing a new poker site is certainly rewarding but can also be tough. The real difficulty is pushing your brand through the “noise floor”. A lot of this noise floor consists of indexed spam sites and overly commercial portals that provide little value to the website visitor.

    I am a former poker player, having had some moderate success online, and wanted to give back to the poker community . I used to work for a major company as a Project Manager, and am now on sabbatical leave in Asia. I plan on getting an MBA sometime soon. In my spare time I enjoy nature, fly fishing, mediation and travelling.

    • This is Kef and he’s the resident engineer over here at instantpoker.org. Although Kef didn’t design the layout (credit goes to Eyenod Studios), he was responsible for all engineering duties, including but no limited to, html/css coding, header/logo design, navigation design as well as validation. Kef is a pro at learning new languages, and can even speak a bit of Latin. However, as I’ve said before, and will say again, we will not be translating this site into Latin.

      Concerning contacting the webmaster, Please send serious emails/ inquiries to zen-182 (at) hotmail (dot) com