Absolute Instant Deposit Bonus – Absolute Deposit Codes

Absolute Poker is growing very quickly these days, and they have great promotions for online poker players. By utilizing the bonus code: EASYAP, you will earn a generous 100% bonus on your first time deposit.



Note that Absolute Poker currently accepts all USA players

About Your Absolute Poker Bonus

The code “EASYAP” gives you a 100% deposit bonus. Note that the release process is gradual and not instantaneous. In general, poker bonuses release themselves automatically as you play hands. Depending on the stakes you play, it could take a few hours or up to a few days to clear. This is because release volume is proportional to the rake you generate. A player who generated 100 dollars of rake in one day may collect 10% of his bonus, while the player who generated 1000 dollars will likely collect all of his bonus after the first day. However, in both cases, the net amount credited to your account is the same at the end. The point is that bonuses simply take slightly different times to clear depending on your stakes.

Taking Your Game To The Next Level

Once your bonus clears, you will need to be on the lookout for new ways to maximize or “press” your edge at the virtual felt. This doesn’t come easy to newcomers, as they often face a wall trying to outplay their opponents. Get this in your system right now… Holdem Poker is not about outplaying your competition every single hand. It is not about bluffing more than the average either. It is about timing, finding profitable situations (coined +EV: expected value ) and winning in the long run. One thing you be should be careful of is not engaging in FPS or “Fancy Play Syndrome” as Brian Townsend calls it. Just playing a tight, solid-aggressive game will reap rewards in the long term. Never doubt that, and always play against weaker competition. Remember this famous quote:

If you can’t spot the fish at the poker table, then you are the fish…

Some Inspiration for the New Player At Absolute

There have been numerous poker success stories. Obviously online poker wouldn’t be where it’s at today if it wasn’t for the Chris MoneyMaker story. Playing a satellite tournament on Pokerstars he managed to qualify for the World Series Of Poker Main Event, and take it down for 2 million dollars in the process. Considering his satellite buying was in the $ xxx range, he made an incredible return on investment.

Although Chris is the most showcased “poker success story”, there are legions of players who have had similar successes and yet remain in the shadow. For example, read our page on Chad Batista . He was actually in jail and with a not so bright looking future… until he discovered poker. And the rest is history to say the least. He ended up being on the most sucessfull MTTers of all time, raking in millions of dollars of profit playing as jse81 on Full Tilt, or M8kingmoves at PokerStars. Poker really changed his life for the best.

Will you be the next poker success story ?