Biggest Poker Sites – Play At The Largest Poker Rooms in 2018

If you came to this page, you are likely looking the most profitable and massive poker sites. Player volume by itself guarantees that you will encounter some fish at the tables. So what are the biggest poker sites in 2018? See below. Our main pick is Full Tilt Poker, which shines with its track record of integrity and an extraordinary volume of table games.

Largest Online Poker Sites

Poker Sites With Largest Number of Players

If you are in the USA, then some poker sites won’t be available to you, such as Party Poker which only caters to the non-american market. However, by bypassing the USA market, they are passing out on some MASSIVE traffic.

Here in the USA, the biggest poker sites are Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars (which we don’t promote because we hate the software), and Ultimate Bet.

Note that Full Tilt is our recommendation at, because of it’s impeccable record of integrity, both to players and affiliates, and the quality of the management team.

  • Full Tilt Poker Traffic Numbers and volume

Full Tilt is an incredibly trafficked poker site, second only to Pokerstars, and has a player base exceeding 115 thousand players. If you want to know the distribution of active players for cash games/ tournaments and peak numbers we will refer you to the pokerscout database . They do a good job of providing real time updates to their stats. Glancing at the site right now, it appears that the last traffic “snapshot” was taking in the morning on May 1st. Their stats show 39723 players online on Full Tilt…. That is a lot of players.

  • Why you should play at Full Tilt VS Pokerstars

The software, the gameplay, the pros…. We placed > software < in first because we really dislike the childish looking application that Stars is utilizing. It's incredible that a company making so much money can't invest in some better graphics. The sound effects are actually the worst part, reminiscent of MIDI sound cards, which make you want to strangle yourself with the mouse cord... I don't know if you ever saw PKR, which is leading the 3D poker revolution, but they are miles appart from Pokerstars from an innovation standpoint.

What it boils down to is that Poker Stars is the Microsoft of the online poker world, and they have monopoly.
As such, they have been somewhat stagnant in their innovation, focusing instead on marketing, pro endorsement, TV ads etc.. And you can't blame them. But If you're looking for the Apple of the Poker World, we recommend Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet or PKR.

Each of these sites brings something unique to the table. Ultimate Bet has the most efficient software of any poker site, they are the "stickiest" of the poker sites, and have a loyal player base. Full Tilt endorses almost all the most famous poker pros, except the handful that went to Stars. Playing at their tables is actually a who's who of the poker world. Full Tilt is also the host of the famous Durrrr Challenge , which you can’t follow at Pokerstars.