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Daniel Negreanu’s Impressive Earnings On PokerStars

Posted August 8, 2010

It wasn’t so long ago that Daniel Negreanu was referred to as a high stakes poker fish by some regulars on Pokertars. Some even went so far to ridicule his “low ball” style of play, more suited to inexperienced opponents in large volume poker tournaments. However, Daniel surprised everyone by his attitude. He openly aknowledged [...]

Bodog Super Bowl Betting & Odds

Posted August 5, 2010

The Superbowl is the championship game in the NFL and takes place on the first Sunday of February or the last Sunday of January every year. Every year over 100 million people from all over the world tune in to watch the game and festivities. The Superbowl is the most watched sporting event in North [...]

Phil Ivey’s Third Place Finish at the WPT Bellagio 2010

Posted July 17, 2010

Phil Ivey played the 2010 Bellagio Cup Tournament as if he didn’t want to final table. He showed up only on the third day, when his chip-stack was down to 20 blinds. 20 blinds or less is a critical inflection point in No-Limit Holdem, often forcing players into the so-called “push/fold” mode. Navigating such inflection [...]

David Sklansky Cheating Accusations From Prahlad Friedman

Posted July 10, 2010

PrahladFriedman: Guy at my table was missing 300 from his cage buy in. Floor asks everyone if they have 300 extra in their stack. We check our stacks. Prahlad Friedman: Finally a guy says the 300 was in David Sklanskys stack. He had 5300 and bot in 5k. When everyone was checking their chips what [...]

Phil Ivey Wins Astonishing 8th WSOP Poker Bracelet

Posted June 23, 2010

Phil Ivey has had an incredible run the last two WSOPs. Last year, he scooped up no less than 2 WSOP bracelets and also final tabled the Main Event where he ended up 7th. This year, as of June 24th, he as already won another bracelet and cashed in no less than 4 events. Phil [...]

MyPokerCard Poker Sites – MyPokerCard Opens in the UK Market

Posted June 18, 2010

With online poker players always having to worry about security issues the MyPokerCard has been released to help take some of the burden off of you. Currently the MyPokerCard has only been released to the UK market, but I’ve been notified that they plan on making the card accessible worldwide. Although the MyPokerCard is specifically [...]

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