Daniel Negreanu’s Impressive Earnings On PokerStars

It wasn’t so long ago that Daniel Negreanu was referred to as a high stakes poker fish by some regulars on Pokertars. Some even went so far to ridicule his “low ball” style of play, more suited to inexperienced opponents in large volume poker tournaments. However, Daniel surprised everyone by his attitude. He openly aknowledged that his strengths were geared to tournaments, and blogged that he needed to fine tune his style for the highly agressive online cash games. Basically, he put his ago aside, admitted his flaws, and started to work on his game.

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Daniel’s LowBall Style Needed Fine Tuning

If you’ve never seen Daniel’s trademark style in action, he reveals all in his new poker training site, pokerVT . Daniel has mastered this technique to win many major tournaments against amateur poker players. The gist of his strategy is to play a lot of small pots, mainly in position, and use his superior hand reading skills to turn a huge profit. However, bringing this strategy to the nosebleed stakes on PokerStars wasn’t a homerun. First, you can’t play as many speculative hands OOP at these stakes online, and you are often at a decision for all your chips on the flop. The games are extremely aggressive and call for bold moves and huge bluffs. The skills involved gravitate more towards player hand range estimations (often all in), as opposed to getting information from feeler bets on every street.

Daniel’s New Poker Golf Swing In Action

Daniel’s will to improve himself as a player is world class. The result ? According to Pokertableratings, he won $333,000 in his last 6 sessions. (source: high stakes news ). In our opinion, this is what sets Daniel apart from other pros. For example Phil Hellmuth would never stomach that a 20 year old punk could play a better game. On the other hand, Daniel is realistic and clealy intelligent. This transpires from his results. We could easily see Phil Hellmuth loose his online bankroll to some player like Durrrr.

Daniel Negreanu Online Poker Videos (Youtube)

  • Sunday Million Event Domination

  • MicroStakes Strategy Video (found on Youtube)

Read Daniel Negreanu’s Blog For Deeper Insight Into His Game

Daniel has a highly popular blog on FullContactPoker . If you are a Negreanu fan like us, and want more frequent updates, we recommend that you check out Daniel’s twitter Feed. Daniel is still our favorite player here at Instantpoker.org. You can find him playing at the Pokerstars tables.