David Sklansky Cheating Accusations From Prahlad Friedman

PrahladFriedman: Guy at my table was missing 300 from his cage buy in. Floor asks everyone if they have 300 extra in their stack. We check our stacks.

Prahlad Friedman: Finally a guy says the 300 was in David Sklanskys stack. He had 5300 and bot in 5k. When everyone was checking their chips what happened???

PrahladFriedman: David S. Would go nuts if he was 100 short. He knew and that is just dirty. Twitter keeps the truth rockin.


Although these claims have been largely unsubstantiated and even refuted by David Sklanski, Prahlad Friedman’s Twitter account caused quite a ripple recently. Instantpoker has the scoop.

It seems everybody is pointing fingers these days. With the Brian Townsend Multi-account affair now over, the collusion against Isildur1 reported, online poker players are always looking for the next cheating scapegoat. Here at instantpoker.org, we know that David Sklanski would never engage in such a cheating practice however, and that 300 dollars is meaningless to him. If anything, we just lot some respect for Prahlad for making these unfounded claims.

For those of you who don’t know David Sklanski, he runs the immensely popular 2+2 poker forum , and is an acclaimed poker author and player.

Anyways, for those who are interested, you can see David’s response on the 2+2 forums

The game was at The Marina (in Vegas) and the room was run by Jack Strauss. When I was finally called to it after hours of waiting, I sat down with the minimum 1000 buy in and was to the right of the button. The Texans assumed that I was playing at the limits of my bankroll and all chimed in to raise the blinds so I would have to quit. Their intention was obvious since they had played 10-25 all day. They had nothing personal against me but wanted to eliminate a shortstacker. But it was still not right. To register my protest I pulled out 6K more, looked at one card to see if it was an ace and folded when it wasn’t. Then I quit when the blind got to me. It was all really a symbolic gesture

I never played there again. But I heard they added the rule that you have to start on your blind due to that incident. Perhaps they called it the Sklansky Rule. Years later limit games required you to start on your blind. But it certainly never was because of MY actions in those games. I never sat down to play only free hands. Since TJ Cloutier was friends with the Texans who were in the original game he probably mixed up the general rule that had nothing to do with me, with the rule that was instituted by the Marina.

Meanwhile I’m laying 10K to 2K that a polygraph says I wasn’t aware my stack (that I don’t think I was even yet pulled completely in front of me, contained 5300.) Remember, by the way, that my accuser is the sme guy who was proven mistaken regarding the Jeff Lisandro ante incident. There is probably something wrong with him.

[Source: 2+2 Poker Forums - Thread is Here