Fishiest Poker Sites – Fishiest US Online Poker Rooms For 2010

    If you are a serious poker player, you will always be on lookout for the fishiest poker sites.
    “Fishiest” is poker lingo for the “loosest” or the easiest poker sites, where you can expect to win the highest amount of money. We made the job easy for you and listed the softest poker rooms for 2010.

Top 3 Poker Sites With Most Fish

Note that all of these sites accept american players

By playing at the fishiest poker sites, you can rest assured that your opposition will be loose, unexperienced, and overly aggressive. These three sites are highly profitable. An intermediate and patient player should be able to make some decent money at the low stakes.

What are the fishiest US online poker rooms ?

In our opinion, the fishiest poker website is Sportsbook poker, followed by Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker. They are all highly profitable. UB is our favorite.

On top of having by far the best software, Ultimate Bet also has a huge concentration of poor players, commonly referred to as “fish”. The particularity of the fish at Ultimate Bet is their propensity to tilt. The experience of playing against a tilt prone player is typical at UB. Their tilt is compounded by the fact that they see a very large amount of hands very quickly. The deal of cards is lightning fast at UB. The cunning player will be able to exploit this by isolating a tilt prone player heads up and playing hundreds of hands against them quickly. All in all, Ultimate Bet is a fantastic room for the solid player looking to maximize his edge.

Fishiest Cash Games & Stakes

How does a poker player find them ? One thing that springs to mind immediately is utilizing tracking software and compiling a database of hands played by your opponents. . This can indeed give you a big edge if you use a “hud”. A hud is overlayed interface where the individual player tendencies show up. This allows you to immediately make an informed decision at the poker table. For example, you will see a player’s tendency to be a LAG (loose aggressive) or a TAG (tight aggressive), his bluffing frequencies, what ranges of hands he plays in early position etc… Anyways, the idea is that table selection will be a derivate of these stats. For example, if you see a table where the viewed flop percentage is very high, this very often signifies that poor players are there. They can never manage to fold and are likely calling with any two until the river. The fishiest stakes are typically anything below $100 NL for cash games.


    Mike Wittmeyer runs a superb site which lists additional fishy poker rooms. Bestpokersites, as the brand indicates, is focused on the best in online poker. It offers plenty of top-lists and reviews poker sites using dozens of factors, such as game softness and traffic volume. I highly recommend that you check out my friend’s It also lists the best 2010 poker sites.

  • Tracking & Finding Fish

Here at, we use holdem manager and Poker Tracker . They are great best pieces of software to find the fish sitting at the tables.

We hope this page helped you get that much closer to the ‘fishiest poker sites’.