Instant Poker Chips – Free Bonus Chips To Play Online Poker

    If you are looking for free poker chips, you have come to the perfect place. At we have valid poker bonuses that you can use confidently. These will never expire and can be used instantly, meaning upon first your first deposit, to boost your bankroll. The release mechanism varies from site to site, so we recommend you visit the individual sites for more details. Our codes are exclusive and premium, meaning you won’t find better elsewhere. If you use any one of them will see your player’s account credited with a 100% bonus at minimum ( provides 111%)

Using the codes above, players will receive a 100% first time deposit bonus at Party, and 111% at UB.

About The Usefulness of Bonuses

If you are a beginner poker player, poker bonus codes are an essential part of your poker toolbox. When you start out, you typically go on wild streaks. Oftentimes newbies will go broke during this learning phase of their career. Personally, I remember depositing 50 dollars at least 6 times until I decided to use bonus codes. I’m not saying that instant poker bonuses will make you a winning player by themselves of course. However, these codes combined with basic beginner poker strategies are often the only way to start out. Otherwise you will likely end up depositing many times.

What To Do After Your Bonus is Cleared

Typically you will be the owner of a bankroll of roughly 200 dollars after your bonuses expire. Note that this is an example of course, but 200 dollars and no-more bonuses is a realistic scenario. In this case, never play tournaments (MTTs or Multi Table Poker Tournaments). The reason is that they are highly volatile and not conducive to successful bankroll management. Just to drive this point home, ZeeJustin, one of the absolute best poker tournament players in the world said that playing MTTS is not viable to grow an online poker bankroll. Although this is debatable, Zee is one of the best in the world. With 200 dollars, you should instead play cash games.

How to Strengthen Your Poker Skills

If you are new to the game of poker, you will seriously need to start reading up on optimal strategies. is a fantastic site, and highly recommended for prospective poker pros. For example, Cole South , Brian Hastings and Mr Menlo are instructors there. They are some of the most profitable online poker players to date. Learning from them is definitely a wise idea.

We also recommend these great online poker resources: poker tips and poker strategy . For information geared towards learning new forms of poker, pagat is very reputable as well as wikipedia: holdem poker .

Instant Poker Tip To Go With Your Bonus

OK just because we like you over here at, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Play a wide range of hands on the button
  • Always use bankroll management
  • Never play on tilt
  • Limit the range of hands you play out of position
  • Join a training site like Cardrunners
  • Read Blogs of Poker Professionals

We hope you will have found useful information on instant poker bonuses on this page. You can find more on instant poker bonuses by using Google.