Play Heads Up Poker Against Friends Online – Poker With Real People

    Playing online poker against your friends has never been easier. With the advent of multi-player poker sites, the technology is available for you. Currently, the easiest way to play against your buddies, or the computer, is to sign-up for free at an online poker room. You can play for free if you want, no deposit is required.

Best Sites To Play Against Real People

Advantages of leveraging online poker site software

  • Most advanced/established and intelligent software to play against your buddies
  • Tons of players, tables, and you can invite multiple people to join your table
  • Keep track of your chip counts via your player’s account
  • Chat Function: Chat is fully implemented and functional
  • Great graphics and fast deal of cards
  • You can qualify for free at the World Series of Poker player satellites
  • You can engage in free-roll tournaments to win money without depositing

Playing Holdem Against A Friend Online

If you go to any of the highlighted sites in the table, no-downloading will be involved. The sites have what we call instant play clients. Unfortunately, you will still need to register and provide an email address. But there is really no way to go around this step, not if you want to leverage quality software. If you don’t care much for playing in your browser, Sportsbook and Full Tilt Poker actually have downloadable poker clients.

How to defeat your friends at Heads up

Remember that position is power in holdem, and that you should play very aggressive when last to act. As such raise a very wide range of hands: any two suited, any Kx, and sometimes raise any two as a bluff. I believe it was Taylor Caby that said that tournaments are a game where you need to defend your blinds, and cash games a game where you need to defend your button. So don’t be afraid to bet and three-bet in position on the button. You really want to punish your opponents for trying to look at the flop out of position. This often puts them in a massive disadvantage and the will fold te flop a large majority of the time anyways.

Strengthen your game

If you take your poker game seriously, you will want to join a training site, such as Daniel Negreanu’s pokervt. Daniel provides numerous on his small ball strategy which allows him to soften the inherent swings associated with poker, whilst maximizing his edge against his opponents..