Best Limit Holdem Poker Sites – Best Limit Poker 2010

Limit poker has a few obvious differences from no-limit poker, making it appealing to some players. In limit poker, players must bet a pre-determined, fixed amount each round. The betting amount is equal to the big blind for the first two rounds of betting, and doubles for the last two rounds. A maximum of four bets are included for each round, including the initial bet. Limit poker slows the pace of play, and prevents game-changing moves such as going “all-in.” The best limit poker sites are featured below.

Best Sites For Limit Holdem

* All of these sites accept USA poker players.

  • Ultimate bet

Ultimate Bet is billed as “the ultimate poker experience,” and the truth is that it’s quite a good poker site. The online poker room runs in a separate application that you download to your computer. The site has ten years of experience as an online poker room, and is secure, licensed, and officially regulated. Technical support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Poker tournaments with various buy-ins and rewards are running around the clock, including limit poker.

The site includes a banking feature, allowing users to easily keep track of their deposits and winnings. Deposits can be made through most major credit card providers, with VISA and MasterCard being the recommended carriers for US customers. Ultimate bet also features a 111% initial deposit bonus, meaning that your first deposit will be multiplied as a free incentive up to $1,100.

  • SportsBook

Sportsbook is another excellent poker website, also with a downloadable application. For users with diversified interests, the site also features a variety of other casino games, sports betting, and horse race betting. A glossary of poker terms is available on the site, as well as instructional tutorials for novice poker players.

One of the key features that sets Sportsbook apart from competing websites is their innovative “hand history” feature. Hand History creates a text file for every hand of poker you play on the site. This allows users to view their entire gaming history graphically, in order to analyze how individual games were played and correct mistakes. Each hand is saved as a link that you can bookmark or share with your friends.

Sportsbook includes a 100% initial deposit bonus, up to $650, and a free seat in a weekly $500 prize tournament. Banking history, referral bonuses, and frequent limit poker tournaments are also included, making it one of the best limit poker sites.

  • PokerStars

Note that we do not promote Pokerstars on this site for a plethora of reasons, and we recommend that you try out Absolute Poker instead.

PokerStars is a site known for their large and frequent tournaments. They also have some high-profile competitors; three of the last four World Series of Poker winners were PokerStars players. PokerStars has the largest amount of active players, are tournaments are running constantly, and it will be easy to find games even during off-peak hours.

A unique feature of PokerStars’ downloadable application is the ability to play multiple games simultaneously. Individual tables are resizable and can be tiled, making it easy to play as many games as you can handle.

Any of these sites, and more, will satisfy your need for limit poker. Be sure to only bet what you can afford, and limit you play time each day.

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