Low Rake Poker Sites – Lowest Rake Online Poker Rooms

    Finding low rake poker sites should be of critical importance to the serious poker player. Everything else being equal, you will be paying more rake at one poker site than the other. Below are the lowest rake poker sites.

USA Poker Sites with the Lowest Rake in 2018

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  • What Is Rake And Why Is It Collected ?

The rake is how poker rooms earn money. They are entitled to a little percentage of every pot, which quickly adds up, called the rake. Some players think it’s unfair for the casinos to collect money this way, but really you should view it as a “tip” that you are paying the service provided. A lot of people often miss the incredible overhead that goes into designing, coding and running a poker site. The rake is credit that the operators receive for all their hard work. If casinos didn’t collect this rake, they would go out of business almost immediately.

  • Typical Rake Values At Online Poker Sites

Traditionally, the standard is rake is 5% of the pot. However, this is capped for the bigger pots. Typically, the rake is capped at $3 or $5 depending on the stakes you play. Obviously the higher the stakes you play, the higher the rake will be. But keep in mind that relative rake should be considered too. For example, if you play the 50NL heads up tables on Full Tilt, the size of the rake relative to the pot may be higher than 100NL. So understanding rake and stake dynamics isn’t as trivial as it may seem. Fortunately, we made the job easy for you at instantpoker.org, by the listing the online poker rooms with the lowest rake.

  • Easy Tips To Compensate For the Rake

A very easy tip that you should implement right away is to use a sign-up deposit bonus. This has the great advantage to mitigate the amount that is collected every hand you play. The reason is that your bonus is released gradually at every hand you play, therefore compensating for the rake. Obviously bonuses will eventually run out, but they can still give you a nice short term boost. We have some bonus codes listed for you in the table above.