MyPokerCard Poker Sites – MyPokerCard Opens in the UK Market

    With online poker players always having to worry about security issues the MyPokerCard has been released to help take some of the burden off of you. Currently the MyPokerCard has only been released to the UK market, but I’ve been notified that they plan on making the card accessible worldwide. Although the MyPokerCard is specifically set-up for online gaming purposes you can also use the card to make many online purchases including shopping and travel.

Best Pre-Paid Mastercard Sites to use MyPokerCard

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  • What is the MyPokerCard?

The MyPokerCard is actually a Prepaid MasterCard that you can use anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. The website states that they offer instant approval on all of the cards and they’ve mentioned that they’ve already sent out 500,000 cards to customers in the UK. The card is suitable for online poker players that have been having trouble using their credit card or debit card. It’s also ideal for players that want to keep their personal details private. You can fund your MyPokerCard using cash, which means there won’t be any footprint to your bank account or credit cards.

  • How to Fund Your MyPokerCard?

There are a couple ways that you can fund your MyPokerCard at the moment. If you don’t mind having a footprint to your bank account then you can add money to your card using your debit card online. If you’d like to use cash for adding money to your card then you simply need to visit one of the 12,000 UK Postal Offices that are participating in this service. Depositing money onto your card using cash typically takes minutes to update, which means by the time you get home you’ll be ready to play.

  • How Much Does A MyPokerCard Cost?

The MyPokerCard has a one-time activation fee of $10 that you need to pay when you register for the card. Other then the small fee there are no other fees associated with the card. If you don’t want to pay the $10 fee then you have an option to receive the card for free. If you purchase the MyPokerCard for the $10, Cool Hand Poker will refund you the money if you sign-up for an account with them and make a deposit using your new card.

  • What are the Benefits of the MyPokerCard?

There are several benefits of having a MyPokerCard including increased security of your personal details, a simple way to fund your poker accounts using cash and the ability to track every dollar going into and out of your account. MyPokerCard has also made sure that the card is protected from fraud. If somehow your card becomes compromised you’ll receive a new card and all of the money back that was on the card without any questions asked. You can view all of your transactions online and on your mobile phone anytime of the day to make sure that everything is correct. One of the best features is the ability to withdraw your winnings directly back onto your MyPokerCard, which can then be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

    There is no doubt that the MyPokerCard has piqued the interest of many online poker players around the world. It’s a shame that the card is only available in the UK right now, but there are plans to make the card recognized around the world. If the new poker credit card can continue it’s success in the UK market it shouldn’t be long before we see the card in other European countries and then eventually North America.

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