Newest Poker Sites – Find the Newest Poker Rooms Online

In poker, nothing is better than playing at the newest poker sites, where the competition is still fairly loose. With the poker site listed below, you can rest assured that you will be placing yourself in a profitable situation.

Newest Poker Room for 2010 : Sportsbook

* All of these sites are open to american poker players

Sportsbook is the best new poker site

The Sportsbook Poker Room is one of the rising sites in the online poker world. Its parent company is very reputable, established and had been around for 13 years. The poker room itself opened only in 2006. If you’ve never tried your hand at Sportsbook Poker… Boy are you missing out ! They have the most fish and softest competition you will find anywhere. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • They are not Poker Tracker compatible. If you don’t know what Poker tracker is, it is a piece of software that allows stat geeks to have a mathematical advantage over you based on your past hand histories. You don’t have to worry about these sharks playing at the Sportsbook Poker tables.
  • They are very new and  don’t offer an industrial volume of table games like Full Tilt and Pokerstars. This deters professional poker players and the semi-pros. It also makes finding the fish easier
  • The site, as its name entails is more than a poker room, and also offers sports betting. As such, a lot of the members who came there for the Sportsbook (and who know nothing about poker) go try their luck at the poker table. Needless to say that they don’t fare so well, and that the money should come back to you if you play a solid/patient style.

Bottom line is that you don’t need to worry about table selection at Sportsbook because almost every table will be full of fish or donkeys in common poker parlance.

More Information about Sportsbook Poker

Here what’s you should know about Sportsbook poker. Firstly, the accept american and Canadian players only, so it’s great news if you are of either country. Secondly, they really dish it out in terms of promos, guarantees, overlay tournaments, etc.. Their weekly guarantees routinely top 300,000k US dollars. That’s not bad for a new poker site like Sportsbook.

The site itself itself has been around for a bit of time. The Sportsbook and casino where there for roughly 13 years, also the poker room itself opened only on 2006.

History of the Poker Room

Following the inauguration of the Sportsbook poker room, the client transitioned poker networks moving from Cake to the Merge Poker Network. The Merge Network is very reputable as this is a testimony to the quality of the site. We wish you good luck at the newest poker sites.

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