Best Beginner Poker Sites – Online Poker For New Players & Newbies

    If you are a beginner poker player seeking to make your first deposit online, you should take a few things into consideration. First criterion is website selection. You should limit yourself to the easiest to beat poker sites, the safest poker sites, and the easiest to deposit poker sites. All of these conditions should be met if you want to become a serious poker player. Fortunately, USA players still have some great poker sites to choose from that provide the perfect framework for starting one’s online poker career.

Best Poker Sites For Beginners – Easy, Safe and Legal

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Finding The Needle in The Poker Haystack

There are more than 500 online poker websites on the Internet today, some rated better than others, but you can’t always go by the rank alone when trying to find the best poker sites for beginners. The fact is, some of the top rated poker sites in the world are the absolute worst for beginner poker players.

Casino in point, PokerStars – the world’s largest online poker site. PokerStars has the highest rate of traffic, elite software, the biggest tournaments and one of the widest game varieties and stakes ranges. However, PokerStars is brimming with some of the toughest competitors of any online poker community.

Full Tilt Poker is another good example of stiff competition – not considered among the best poker sites for beginners. Like its rival, PokerStars, Full tilt Poker is loaded with skilled, strategic poker players, including the largest collaboration of poker pros on a single poker site.

If you’re looking for the best poker sites for beginners, look no further than Ultimate Bet, Absolute, and Sportsbook. These poker sites have very profitable games because of the amount of fish they contain.

As a beginner poker player, this is exactly what you need to face in order to start building your skills and developing a solid poker strategy. Skilled poker players love to take on the loose competitors because they are so easily read and beaten. If you can learn to observe and read these types of opponents, you will be able to win consistently at the low-stakes Hold’em games.

  • Smaller Poker Networks

Poker rooms on the Merge Gaming Network are also easy. These include their flagship, Carbon Poker, as well as Reefer Poker, RPM Poker, Aced, Poker Nordica and others.

Another online poker network known for its extremely soft competition at low stakes is the Cake Gaming Network. The shared player base is about three times larger than the Merge Gaming Network, with an average of over 7,000 active players at peak hours. Though are aren’t as many loose competitors as the Merge Gaming Network, pound per pound, the much higher rate of traffic ensures that juicy games are easily found in the lobby’s low-stakes tables.

Poker rooms on the Cake Gaming Network include Cake Poker, of course, Doyles Room, Players Only Poker, Poker, Sports Interaction Poker, BetUS Poker and many more, about 35 in all.

  • Finding Games for Beginners

When sifting through the tables at poker sites for beginners, you are looking for several aspects to line up. First is the viewed-flop percentage, or “VF%”. This stat shows how often the hands go on to see a flop. The more flops there are, the looser the table is. A great VF% is 50% or more – the higher the better.

Next is the number of players seated. If there are only a few players, it is more likely to have a high viewed-flop percentage, but low pot size. In heads-up games, for example, the VF% is always high. What you want to find is a large table with at least 6 players, including yourself.

Once seated, start observing the players. Use the knowledge of every poker strategy you’ve read (you did read a few poker strategies first, right?) to gain an advantage over your opponents. With a little patience and discipline, it shouldn’t be long before your bankroll is rising exponentially simply by starting out at the best poker sites for beginners .We hope you enjoyed our site on beginner poker options. We hope you won’t be a poker newb (spelled noob ?) anymore after having read this article. Best of luck at the tables.

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