Poker Sites With Famous Pros

Many poker players (in fact many players of any game or sport) dream of playing alongside their idol or favorite professional player. On many online poker websites, poker professionals are an integral part of their player pool. Not only are the websites on this list well stocked with professional poker players, some of the most talented and famous poker professionals make their home on these popular websites. Poker pros help to bring new members to the website and improve the website’s image. After all, if it is endorsed and appreciated by the pros, it must be a good site on which you can play.

Poker Sites With Famous Pros

Below are the poker sites that feature the most or highest quality World Series of Poker professionals.

  • Full Tilt Poker

Many consider Full Tilt Poker to be one of the most secure and reputable poker sites on the internet. In fact, players like John Juanda and Phil Ivey hold several million dollars in accounts on the site. There is a good chance that you could one day find yourself seated across one of these professionals, albeit in the form of animated avatars. You may end up losing a bit of money to them (they are professionals after all) but the experience of playing with a professional poker star can be worth a few bucks.

  • Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet is the home of Phil Hellmuth and he is one of the primary endorsers of the website. Hellmuth, otherwise called “poker brat” is one of the most famous poker professionals in the game. Ultimate Bet does not stop at an endorsement and standing account from Hellmuth, however. This website is also home to Annie Duke, among others. By playing in the substantial offering of freeroll qualifying rounds, you could very well find yourself facing off against Hellmuth or Duke.

  • PokerStars

The huge website known as Poker Stars has always been known for their featured poker professionals. In fact, current member professionals include Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein. With a large offering of qualifiers and smaller tournaments, the chances of you running into one of their many professionals is quite good. Look for the tables with only a few brave souls and you will likely find yourself up against a seasoned professional.

  • BetFair Poker

Although players from the United States will not be able to share in the experience, other players from around the world will be pleased to find the plethora of professionals sponsored on BetFair Poker. Among the professionals holding accounts on this site are Annette Obrestad and Sorel Mizzi. These professionals from around the world will certainly strain your skills should you be allowed the privilege of facing off against them.

  • Bodog

Bodog may not feature as prevalent of stars as the other websites on this list, but their professionals are so helpful that such a list could not be complete without the inclusion of Bodog. On many websites, professionals stick to the high limit games. However, Bodog professionals regularly play lower limit games to help potential professionals in honing their poker skills. Professionals featured on Bodog include David Williams and Justin Bonomo.

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