Softest Poker Sites & Online Poker Rooms – Soft USA Poker Competition

    Playing at the softest poker sites online should be a good practice to maximize the amount of money earned. We made the job easy for you by listing the softest poker rooms on the internet for 2010.

Best US Poker Sites with Soft Competition

All of these sites above offer highly profitable table games and multi-table poker tournaments. Bonus codes provided can be utilized at sign-up to benefit from a 100% deposit bonus. For an in-depth comparison of poker site bonuses, refer to bonus poker review. A good intermediate player, playing a tight and aggressive style, should easily be able to make a few thousand dollars a month at these sites.

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New to Sportsbook Poker ?

    Sportsbook offers the juiciest, most lucrative table games on the internet in 2018. The contributing factors are numerous. Their parent company’s marketing efforts have been very significant and this has attracted myriads of players new to the game. Second, the site was initially tailored to non-poker gambling games, such as Horse racing and blackjack . When the poker room opened, a lot of these players, bored from betting on the same games, flocked to the holdem tables. The result is that Sportsbook offers the softest online poker cash games.

    The site is reputable, with top of the line software and gaming experiences. It is also one of the easiest poker sites to deposit, and they accept a large range of credit cards. The softness of the games is distributed quasi evenly from the lowest stakes to the highest at Sportsbook.

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New to Full Tilt ?

    Full Tilt Poker is the epitome in terms of a profitable and great run poker website. Full Tilt has a massive player pool that trumps Sportsbook’s, but the games are just as profitable. All of the popular forms of poker are represented at Full Tilt, and the range of stakes is amazing. Everything from 10 cent blinds to the 100K buyin games at the Phil Ivey RailHeaven table. Full Tilt also has soft online poker tournaments, and they regularly provide overlays which is a nice perk to have.

    Customer support is very solid. They will reply to emails in a timely manner. The software and gaming experience are world class

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New to Ultimate Bet ?

Best Overall Poker Site Award (2010)

    If you’re looking for the softest poker network, then look no further than Cereus and Ultimate Bet. has the incredible track record of remaining a top 10 poker site, consistently, since the inception of the online poker phenomenon. Today they are one of the highliest regarded poker rooms

    The main selling point of is their incredibly efficient software and their soft poker table games. The deal of the cards is a breeze and the experience they provide is really: Plug and Play. They also offer an amazing sign-up bonus of up to 111%. They will match your deposit for up to 1,100 dollars, which is not negligible. Just use the bonus code: EASYUB, to claim this free bonus. As a whole, the softness of the competition is stunning and you should be rolling in money if you are an experienced poker player

What are the Softest Poker Games ?

  • Pot Limit Omaha

  • For a long time, two card No limit Holdem was the softest poker game. This was mainly true during Chris Moneymaker era which showed that any amateur American poker player could win millions from the game of holdem. As more and more people came to the game, the difficulty gradually improved to where it is today. Unfortunately, the holdem games are tough these days. 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is however still very profitable. Its softness is reminiscent of the state of holdem games in 2003. Few people are well versed in this form of poker, as opposed to no-limit holdem. Because of this we believe that PLO is the softest poker game for 2010.

    • No-Limit Texas Holdem

    No Limit Holdem has always been one of the softest forms of poker. This particular form of holdem, referred to as the Cadillac of Poker by Doyle Brunson, can be learned in minutes but takes a lifetime to master. Its popularity is the inherent source of its profitability. Most of the poker on TV, such as ” High stakes Poker ” is always two card no-limit poker. Most newcomers to the game are naturally drawn to this game.

    What are the Softest Poker Stakes ?

    If you play no-limit cash games, than anything less than 100$ NL (buy-in) can be considered to be “soft”. For example, the 50NL games on Full Tilt Poker are easy to crack, but you will notice an increase in difficulty at 100NL. Players will bluff more liberally and consider meta game. A lot of 100NL players are also members of poker training sites.

    What Is the Softest Poker Site ?

    From our testing, Sportsbook Poker is currently the easiest to beat poker site in 2018. Ultimate Bet is a close second.