Ubuntu Poker Software & Sites – Download + Installation Guide

    Linux and Ubuntu enthusiasts read on … In a world seemingly run by Windows and Macintosh, participating in poker on the internet while using Ubuntu (otherwise known as Linux) can sometimes be difficult. However, many online poker rooms are designed to accommodate Ubuntu users. As far as online poker is concerned, there are two simple steps. First step is to install the so called “Wine” software on your machine. You can find the Wine website here: wine website. Second step is to click on your website of choice underneath, install the client and run the software through Wine.

Easiest To Install Ubuntu Poker Sites (also provide Java Version)

Using Wine To Play Online Poker On Ubuntu Systems

Many online poker sites will run using the program called Wine. In fact, one of the largest poker sites run well on Wine. In order to run the program, install it off the repositories section of your computer. If you are unfamiliar with this operation, simply type sudo apt-get install wine while in a terminal.

After installing the website’s software, you must run it through the use of Wine. Many users use this method and few have reported problems. Wine is often preferred by online poker players because of its ease of use and the broad spectrum of acceptable websites that support the program.

UltimateBet works well while using Wine on Linux. However some users have reported loss of sound while the software is running, but this is the exception and not the rule.

Java Poker Sites : Bypass Wine Altogether

Most online poker sites have poker rooms that run by using Java. If your site has such poker rooms, you will be able to play poker when using Ubuntu. In fact, Java enabled poker websites will run on almost every operating system. Obviously, this means that you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of downloading the software, the on site play will not be affected by Ubuntu.

You will need to download Java and its respective updates if your system does not already have the programs. However, if you browse the internet with no graphical problems, chances are that Java is already installed on your computer. Java is available for Ubuntu systems and runs just as smoothly as it does on Windows and Macintosh computers.

Popular online poker sites that support Java and allow Ubuntu users include Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. As users are normally not required to download Java, this method can be easier than Wine and less susceptible to errors or hard crashes. If you use Ubuntu , look for poker sites that offer Java based poker rooms.